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    Medical Tourist Korea.com is your trusted partner to find the highest quality, best priced medical care available. We have agreements with the largest and most advanced medical institutions in the country. Our strategic partners are typically the … [Read More...]

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    In the World of Medical Tourism

    Medical Tourism in Korea has grown from hundreds of patients a few short years ago, to an estimated 200,000 by 2012 thanks to a boom in cosmetic surgery and the fast growth in capabilities and new technologies such as stem cell research, anti-aging, … [Read More...]

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    with a World-Class Medical System

    Korea's Healthcare system has grown by leaps and bounds over the past twenty years, rivaling that of major post-industrial economies in many areas including longevity, where according to the OECD, Korea now enjoys an average life span of 84 years, … [Read More...]

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    Korea is a Global Technology Leader

      Out of the ashes of forty years of Japanese occupation and a devastating civil war that demolished the infrastructure and economy of the whole country, Korea has emerged as an advanced economy with a trillion dollar GDP and leading global … [Read More...]

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    with a Rich and Fascinating History

    Stuck between China to the west, Japan to the East and Russia to the North, Korea has always been surrounded by powerful neighbors that would influence the country's history and  politics. It is a testament to the Korean people's tenacity  that they … [Read More...]


Korea gives obese Kiwis life saving surgery

Obesity Help

MTK.com Note: Bariatric surgery can be found in several world-class facilities in Korea, including the Soochunhyang University Hospital which treated these New Zealanders. Watch Video Two morbidly obese Kiwi women who accepted an offer of life saving surgery from Korean authorities have both undergone gastric sleeve operations. TV ONE’s Close Up met the pair last June…
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