Hip Replacement/ Arthroplasty

 It is a surgical procedure in which the damaged parts (cartilage & bone) of the hip joints are removed and replaced with new smooth Prosthesis (Artificial material) which make the damage, painful hip- stable, strong & flexible again. Many problems like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Traumatic Arthritis… which causes chronic pain & damage to hip joints needs to be treated initially by conservative treatment followed by Hip replacement if required. Diagnosis is made by taking complete history & doing physical examination along with Blood tests, X-rays & sometimes joint aspiration. Preparation is done several weeks before the surgery which includes all the blood work, X-Ray’s, ECG & consultations.

The goal of hip replacement surgery is to help to relieve the chronic pain along with improving of quality of life. Different procedures are used for Hip Replacement depending upon patient’s age & need. The most significant advancement in Total Hip Replacement is the medical community’s recognition that the procedure can be done with minimally invasive techniques which allows patient to recover faster.

There are certain risk/complications like dislocation, DVT, Inflammation, Infection, Metal Toxicity & others…which are treated accordingly. So certain precautions have to be taken mainly after 6-8 weeks of surgery like limited movements & avoid bending. Individual is usually hospitalized for 3-5 days & discharged home with complete explanation of exercise & precautions.

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