Complete Health Check

The complete health check up of adults is a time for family physicians to focus on preventive health care of their patients. Doctors evaluate individual with complete medical history, physical investigations, routine tests & special tests if needed as per history or previous reports. Health can be managed effectively if detected early.  Living style (extending working hours, irregular eating habits, inadequate rest, sedentary lifestyle, stress & strain) contribute to number of diseases & ailments. To cope up with an increasing risk of medical disorder, health check up is necessary. There is different health check up programs in different hospitals. These programs aim to preserve & promote good health, prevent disease & make it easy to diagnose & treat the illness. An adult should visit health centers for annual health checkups even if they are healthy. The purpose for this visit is to screen for disease, encourage healthy lifestyle and assess risk for future medical problems/ disease…There are specific times to see health care provider. Some of the age specific guidelines for adults are as follow:-

1. Blood Pressure (BP) Screening:- BP to be checked every 2 years unless it is 120-139/80-89 mmHg or higher, then checked every year.

2. Height & Weight:- to be checked yearly; weight on every visit as it indicates disease. Like significant height loss can indicate acceleration of osteoporosis.

3. Blood Work:- Yearly blood work should include blood count to see for any bleeding problem; glucose level to detect diabetes; electrolytes level to check for any kidney or heart problem & additional lab tests done on basis of personal & family history.

4. Cholesterol screening:- Individual over 34 years should get it checked every year.

5. EKG:- Baseline EKG to be done at age of 50 & then should be done every 2-3 years or more often if necessary.

6. Fecal occult blood test:-To be done yearly. Blood in stool is an early indication of colorectal cancer.

7. Dental Examination:-Every year.

8. Eye Examination:-If having vision problem, then examination to be done every 2 years.

9. Prostate Examination for Men:- At age of 50, man should have digital examination of the prostate.

10. Mammography, Pap Smear & Bone Mass:- Specifically for women over 50 years of age.

So before going for complete check up, patient should know all the problems to be discussed with physician, medication details, past history, family history & any tests done previously.