Blemish & Spot Removal

Blemish is generally dark spots or hyper pigmentation which is result of blackheads, acne whiteheads or just pimples; it is a small flaw which spoils the appearance of skin. The improper treatment of acne lesions (White heads, Blackheads) leads to formation of scars or small blemishes. Other factors which lead to skin irritation & further to skin blemishes are pollution, too much stress & heavy make-up. So it is essential to wash face regularly 3-4 times a day with a mild soap to remove blemishes.

 The treatment approach for spot removal is to start with Sunscreen & then use topical applications (Bleaching creams, Tretinoin..) & further Cryosurgery, Peeling and Laser Surgery if required.  During the treatment a person should avoid eating some foods (red meat, canned food, seafood, cigarette, coffee, alcohol) that can trigger the appearance of new acne-blemishes.