The process of aging begins with birth but particularly after the mid-thirties age there is increased breakdown of collagen & elastin which causes wrinkles. Aging is the change organism of our physical body over the course of  time and has been one of the major concerns in lives of women and men throughout the world & history. Reduction of the aging effect is called anti-aging. In general a word aging is – getting old.  That is what is increasing a high demand of anti-aging therapies.

Main causes/ habits which cause aging are: Weakness, Intoxication, More use of medications, Lack of water in body, Smoking, Alcohol, Stress, Exposure to sun, Sedentary Lifestyle, Exposure to cold weather, Lack of sleep…There are many changes in human body as the aging progress but the visible changes are grey hair & wrinkles.

Varieties of conservative & cosmetic interventions are available for wrinkle removal. So to keep the skin looking young, start with essentials like Avoid Sun, Use Sunscreen, Moisturizer and Avoid Smoking. Healthy diet along with topical applicants is key to skin health.