Anti-Aging Wrinkle Removal

The appearance of wrinkles as we age is inevitable.  The effects of prolonged sun exposure as well as a decrease in collagen production become more obvious over time.   Even normal facial muscle contractions – smiling, frowning, and squinting – leave their mark in the form of lines and wrinkles.  Fortunately there are many options today to enhance one’s appearance using various skin treatments.

Chemical peels, dermabrasion, botox and laser removal of wrinkles are being used by many people to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.   Others have chosen to engage the services of a plastic surgeon to have more extensive procedures done such as implants, lifts and blepharoplasty (surgical reconstruction of the eyelid).  The appropriate treatment will vary depending on each person’s cosmetic concerns as well as their facial characteristics.

Reducing wrinkles with dermabrasion or chemical peels through the removal of layers of skin can result in smoother, more youthful-looking skin.  These traditional skin treatments are a form of skin resurfacing in which the upper layers of skin are scraped or dissolved, effectively exposing new, clearer skin.

Other techniques to minimize wrinkles include injecting botox, collagen and other cosmetic fillers.  Cosmetic fillers, like collagen, work by plumping up the tissue beneath the skin, effectively diminishing wrinkles.  The skin is younger looking because it is firmer and smoother.  Botox works by causing wrinkles to relax and soften, therefore it is more effective when used on forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines.

Laser skin resurfacing can remove the surface layers of the skin or work by heating the dermis and stimulating collagen growth.  Results in reducing the appearance of wrinkles using the latter are less dramatic, but generally have little to no downtime during the healing process.

Cosmetic surgery performed by a plastic, or cosmetic surgeon, is another option for treating wrinkles.  Good general overall physical and mental health, coupled with realistic expectations is required for individuals considering facial plastic surgery.  Patients ranging in age from their 40’s to their 70’s are considered the most viable candidates for this skin treatment procedure.  However, older patients can be candidates as well, depending on their skin elasticity and health.  Common side effects of plastic surgery are bruising and swelling.  Recovery time will depend on the procedure, but can take up to a month before the swelling has completely diminished.

It is important to discuss the various skin treatment options available with a cosmetic surgeon who in turn will make a recommendation for the restoration of a more youthful appearance based on your goals. For more information please click here.