Rhinoplasty/ Nose Reshaping Surgery/Nose Job

It is a popular cosmetic procedure which reshapes the nose (elevates depressed nose, narrowing of nasal bones, reduction of size of nostrils….) & enhances facial features.   It should be done on fully developed nose. The other reasons for Rhinoplasty can be to correct structural problems with nose that causes breathing problems; trauma to nose (broken nose) – In this slender instruments are usually inserted into each nostril to gently push the bones back into proper alignment. Nose Job is an outpatient procedure performed under general or local anesthesia which takes around 1-3 hours. For cosmetic purpose; Rhinoplasty can be done by two techniques:-

1.  Closed Technique:-Incisions are made inside the nose so that marks are not seen.

2. Open Technique: - In this additional incision is made across the columella (thin strip of tissue that separates the nostrils); although this leaves a small mark but it is ideal when vast changes are made to the nose.

Some bone/cartilage is removed or tissue/ silicone implant may be added; then reshaped & rearranged accordingly followed by which skin & tissue are redraped over the structure of nose.  A splint (metal /plastic) is placed on the outside of the nose, which helps to maintain the new shape of the bone when surgery is completed ; plus nasal packing may be placed in nostrils to give additional support. Nasal/surgical packing are removed within 2 days of surgery & splint, bandage are removed in a week’s time. Temporary swelling & bruising around the nose & eyes is common & other complications can be infection, serious nasal blockage, bleeding… Results of Rhinoplasty are permanent, though subsequent injury/ other factors can alter the appearance of nose.

More: http://1.usa.gov/ih0AvM